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Our Commitment to Diversity

It is because we have a choice to do. And we have chosen to make diversity a part of everything we do, intrinsic in every aspect of our corporation and inspiring every service we provide.

Our diversity Hiring goals are emulated in our recruiting, both internally and for our clients. Binding Minds Healthcare team has set hiring goals for diverse talent and take pride in Diverse Hiring. Our team of SMEs educate and help corporates understand the Disability Challenges and how can we minimize their impact on hiring and candidate’s future advancement.

Reduce Prejudice and Stereotyping

Binding Minds has special programs to remove/reduce the greatest challenge in employment that revolves around prejudice and stereotypes of not allowing a person with disabilities (PWD) to advance to the interview stage of the job application process. We support and maintain long term relations with our candidates for their future advancement.

“An immense challenge PWD face on a daily basis is being reminded that they are different, but our team encourages/motivates their unique talent of whatever workspace they are working in”

It is our immense gratitude to share that all corporates have accepted PWDs with open arms and see their ability and not the physical disability.