Our Leadership


Rajan Madan

Binding Minds Healthcare as its name suffice, connects an irrevocable bond between the right opportunity and people and my journey has been the same where I got the opportunity to connect with all the great minds (our people) who are ready to new challenges each day and set examples for others around them. I hold the title of ‘President’ of Binding Minds Healthcare but it’s the entire team who has the correct approach and vision to make company grow. We have some great leaders in the company who encourage and motivate a very positive environment and make Binding Minds Healthcare a Great place to work. My vision for Binding Minds Healthcare is to value its People and Customers. I envision our great team to take Binding Minds Healthcare to the next level Recruitment where quality is the key to delivery. Binding Minds Healthcare’s work culture makes us unique than other companies.

Vice President, Client Partnerships

Saloni Mahajan

Binding Minds Healthcare is a division of Binding Minds Inc. we are a Disability-Owned business enterprise. we at Binding Minds Healthcare are passionate about connecting people to the work that matters while filling critical staffing needs, so patients never go without care.

Our people-focused mentality and core value of putting others before self has been at the forefront of our company culture since we opened in 2015. Our strength is our people who have decades of experience in supporting large managed programs. We have developed and fine-tuned our recruitment and delivery model to achieve success.

Binding Minds Healthcare has been in the employment services business for years, having an expertise in all areas of staffing including MSP/VMS programs. We have worked in some of the biggest and intrinsic programs Nation Wide.

Associate Director

Aman Koul

Best in industry service is what Binding minds healthcare is all about. Once you get into the environment of the organization, you feel an energetic enthusiasm and sheer determination of the people who all share the same vision, how to be more customer friendly and how can we connect to them more. I have been working with Binding Minds Healthcare for couple of years. Currently i hold the position of Associate Director Healthcare Recruitment, I am surrounded by a lot of highly driven and successful people who genuinely care about their work and the organization.

There can be different opinions but the end goal of all of us is same, to Binding Minds Healthcare to new heights of success and enrich the trust that customer has shown in our organization to newfound capacity. However, it is not just one person but the teamwork. Teamwork of all the people who had only one goal “Service, Not Sales”.

My vision is to take Binding Minds Healthcare to such a spot where our organization is the first name that strikes our customers head whenever they are in need. Our vision for Binding Minds Healthcare is to make it more customer friendly, more approachable, and more smart working where work and work life balance must go hand in hand. It is the work culture vis a vis guidance of the mentor that had made Binding Minds Healthcare stand out from others.